Team Combat on an epic scale!
Play Tribes 2 Team Combat
on an Epic Scale!

Tribes 2 is the sequel to one of the most innovative and popular first person shooters of all time. You take on the role of a lone soldier part of a large and organized team. Through multiple different game modes, you will play capture the flag, destroy the enemy base, hunt down a single person to kill, and participate in large-scale deathmatches. All the time you will have access to multiple forms of armor, many deadly weapons, tons of items, and even multiple vehicles to use in your campaign against the opposing team.

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"Those with the ultimate system and mad teamplay skills will eat this up; it's a triumph of teamwork, dynamic gameplay and some serious strategy."
Get Tribes
Tribes 2 Config - Maps, scripts, interpolation, and textures are already included. Ready to play.
Vanilla Tribes - From TribesNext. Install with the Setup package from Vivaldi. Install scripts, networking, fov, etc yourself.
"Destined for greatness. With its unmatched multiplayer gameplay, incredible depth, and huge online community, everyone should experience Tribes 2 for themselves."
Join the Community
Get Discord here. Discord is a chat program that allows you to easily share images, videos, and media. Inside are resources that can be used for new players to get started.
The Tribes subreddit on Reddit is a combination of many differnet tribes games and a great place to start when looking for information on how to play.
TribesNext is a community put together when the original Sierria master server went down. They run the current Tribes 2 master server and is a great source for any technical questions about the game.
"The learning curve is straight up with no handholds or shortcuts; there is just no quick way to get going on the servers. However, once you get a hand on the gameplay, Tribes 2 will definitely be a title that will keep you coming back for more."
Game Modes
Capture the Flag

The original game mode, CTF makes use of all armors in the game; Scout, Assault, and Juggernaut. Teams have the work together to fullfill objectives like going after the enemy flag, destroying sensors, attacking enemy generators etc. This mode allows a full range of vehicles. Turrets are active. The team that works best together wins the match.


This game mode is popular among purists. Points are given based on the skill of your shots. There's just one flag and to get points you'll have to fight to keep it. This version is different from normal rabbit as it encourages the rabbit to engage back. This mode has a range of powerups that can achieved by certain actions. Making it a fun alternative to other modes.

TacoServer - Mappacks - TourneyNetClient - Servers

Tribes 2 Discord
Technical Support, P.O. Box 85006 Bellevue, WA 98015-8506